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Partner with a

Church Plant


Helping with a new church plant not only provides them with the needed resources and support to start their ministry. It can also encourage your church members to become more involved in service at church and in the community.

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Partnering with churches to plant new multiplying churches.

Here are four ways existing churches can help with church planting: (hover for more info)

Prayer Partners – Church planters need churches and individuals to support them by praying for them as they serve in difficult and diverse settings. Ask your church to pray for the church planters that are serving there.


Supporting Partners – Your church can have an impact on communities beyond your own when you support church planters. Support can take on many forms, including providing financial assistance, expertise, and resources that sending teams can use to help with specific projects. When your church provides support in these ways, your investment is both encouraging and critical.


Sending Partners – Church planting is not a solo mission. In this partnership, the existing pastor and church raises up or adopts the church planter and the church plant as part of their own congregation, assisting them for several years as they develop from a core team to a self-sustaining multiplying church. In this way, a sending church does whatever it takes to help a church plant become healthy, strong, and successful.


Multiplying Partners – Did you know that the next generation of church planters is sitting in your congregation today? The Multiplication Pipeline can help you multiply the ministry of your church by raising up church planters and team members from your congregation. It will help you identify, challenge, and train young missional leaders to take the next step in their church planting journey.

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